Sterling Global Management (SGM) offers a wide range of services for both the Public and Private Sector 


Proposal Writing Services 

We offer full life-cycle development of high quality, professionally written proposals across a range of disciplines; such include: professional, administrative and IM/IT services. We also leverage our growing network to assist in the identification of specialized resources for contract and permanent opportunities. 

We have honed our practice of responding to a variety of Requests for Proposals (Supply Arrangements, Standing Offers, RFQ’s, RFI’s, as well as federal government procurement vehicles such as TBIPS, TSPS, ProServices, THS, etc). Further, we understand the challenges associated with developing high quality, compliant proposals in order to meet the Professional Services needs of our clients. This includes the need to source, screen, and submit qualified consultants who meet very specific and strict requirements. 




Sterling Global can provide temporary staff to meet both upcoming projects and last minute challenges. Ideal for short term requirements and large projects or during the absence of regular staff members, a temporary placement offers you an immediate solution for urgent requirements. In addition to the recruitment process, Sterling Global takes on the responsibility of all employee payroll services, including the remittance of employer contributions, reporting to governmental agencies, and the issuance of tax documents.



With temporary–to–permanent mandates, candidates are initially hired on as a temporary employee with the primary goal to convert them into a permanent employee after a stipulated period. This process provides you with a trial phase to properly assess a candidates’ fit for both the position and the company. Once the candidate has completed the required number of hours, they can be hired as a permanent employee at no additional cost.



Permanent mandates are best suited for positions within your organization that need to be filled on a long term basis. Once the recruitment stage is complete, the chosen candidate is added directly to your payroll as your employee. While Sterling Global is no longer directly involved after the placement, your consultant will follow up on a regular basis to ensure a seamless transition. 


Résumé Writing Services 

Our résumé writers can assist you with creating custom résumés tailored to various industries and roles.



SGM offers one-on-one coaching for various business needs, including but not limited to: how to search for a job, how to prepare for an interview, dos and don’ts of follow-ups.



SGM trainers have the skills and expertise required to teach business solutions and best-practices for your company. 


Contracts Management 

The professional staff of SGM has proven experience in contract management - let us worry about your contracts.   


Staffing Brokerage

Coming Soon!






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